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  • When does your season start and end?
    We begin the season on Friday of Memorial Day weekend and end on Labor Day.
  • How fast do we go?
    Depends on the speed of the wind! We always strive to make the sail comfortable and safe.
  • Do you provide afternoon sails?
    The winds are typically better in the morning and evening, but we are flexible if it will fit into our schedule.
  • How far do we go on our cruise?
    It depends on the wind, the direction and speed.In two hours, with a west wind its possible to go about 3 miles down and back.
  • Can we swim off the boat?
    Unfortunately, we cannot swim off the boat during our 2 hour sail. The State Park where Crazy Love is docked has many places where you can swim before or after your sail.
  • Can we participate in the sailing?
    Absolutely! We are excited to explain and share our knowledge.We have a number of customers who wanted a hands-on experience.
  • Do you give sailing lessons?
    Call us for information on this service.
  • Will guests outside our party be on board with us?
    Nope! This is a private sailing experience for just you and your guests.
  • Can we have more than 6 people?
    Unfortunately not. We are licensed by the US Coast Guard to take up to 6 guests.
  • Are we allowed to bring our dog?
    Yes, well-behaved dogs are welcome! We strongly recommend that your dog wear a life jacket.
  • Are dogs considered as part of the guest count allowed onboard?
    No! They are not counted as part of the 6. They can be additional. However, they are required to wear life vests!
  • Is this a family-friendly activity
    Yes, many families have sailed with us. Teens and adults often share this experience with their parents and other relatives. Most young children from ages 6 to 12 also find this adventure very enjoyable. Ask First Mate Barb about safety and regulations for children 12 and under. Babies and toddlers are not usually recommended (see other FAQ). At least one adult must accompany children under 18.
  • We have a baby under the age of 3, can we bring him/her?
    Yes, but you will need to bring your own life jacket for the child. The Captain will cancel the trip if there is rough weather. We do have life jackets for kids 3-12.
  • Is there a bathroom onboard?
    Yes, we have a private bathroom and running water.
  • Is there shade?
    Absolutely! We have a bimini overhead which really helps shield the sun. However, we recommend putting sunscreen on before you get on the boat.
  • Is there food and drink on board?
    We do not provide food & beverage service. However, you are welcome to bring your own on board and use the galley (which includes a refrigerator). If you would like to arrange for catering or a picnic, Barb can recommend some great local places. We also have various plates, platters, cutting boards, dishes, utensils, napkins, etc.…that you are welcome to use from our galley.
  • Can we bring alcoholic beverages onboard?
    Absolutely. We also have refrigeration and acrylic glasses for wine, champagne, beer, mixed drinks for use in our galley.
  • How much does the tour cost?
    The tour is $125.00 per person with a minimum of 2 guests to sail.
  • How do we pay?
    Payment comes at the end of the tour, once we dock the boat. We take cash or credit cards.
  • Do you offer gift certificates?
    Yes, just call Barb @ 315-246-6471
  • Should we tip the crew?
    Tips are very much appreciated but not expected. We are here for your enjoyment, no strings attached!
  • What attire is recommended?
    Comfortable clothing and soft soled non-marking shoes. Check the weather before the sail. We do have blankets on board for chilly evenings.
  • Will I get seasick?
    If you are prone to sea sickness, we suggest taking medication an hour before or getting a prescription patch from your doctor to wear before the sail. Seneca Lake is not the same feeling as the ocean but on a rough day you may feel seasick if you are prone to that.
  • What if the weather isn’t good the day of the sail?
    Barb will be in touch way before the sail, to schedule a better time with you or on a different day. Have a couple of different days and times available if possible to reschedule.
  • Should I wear sunscreen?
    Absolutely! We always recommend sunscreen.
  • Is it a requirement to fill out a liability form?
    Yes, for this experience, we must have signed forms for each guest onboard.
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